Overview: Every health intervention requires evidence based data to make an informed decision to build into its programme. This ranges from baseline assessments, ongoing monitoring and evaluation to eventual project evaluation. These are to ensure that the programme remains in alignment to its objectives and eventually achieves the proposed impact. Highlighted below are some of our works

Endline evaluation of FP/HIV service integration program implementation
Client: Family Health International (FHI360)

To establish evidence-based statistics of the impact of the program implementation in a total of 200 SIDHAS health facilities in Benue, Kaduna, Cross River, and Akwa Ibom States, we conducted an evaluation to assess to what extend health changes and outcomes are attributable to the program.

The evaluation comprised of an indept assessment of the 200 supported facilities, inventory of the consumables and commodities utilization, FP/HIV healthcare provider interviews and FP/HIV client interviews. Also, program and progress reports were reviewed.

A detailed analysis of the impacts of the program was highlighted.

Baseline assessment for RH-HIV integrated service provision in Cross River and Akwa-Ibom States
Client: Family Health International (FHI360)

We conducted a baseline to assess the status of RH/HIV integrated service delivery in Cross River and Akwa Ibom states. The assessment was conducted in SIDHAS supported facilities, and also included clients and providers interview in the two states.The findings highlighted the areas for improvement and support.

Expanding Access to Family Planning Services through Drug Shops in Rivers State
Client: Family Health International (FHI360)

IHC reviewed the possibilities of expanding access to FP services through drug shops (which include Community Pharmacists – CP and Patent Proprietary Medicine Vendors – PPMVs). The assessment findings informed to what extend collaboration with the drug shops can expand access to FP services.

National Assessment of RH-HIV service integration in 13 states
Client: Family Health International (FHI360)

IHC team members coordinated the national rapid assessment in 13 states of the country exploring the extent of policy and service integration in Nigeria.The extent of integrated services and policy environment was documented and the changes were examined over time.

Evaluation of the impact of the socio-economic impact of HIV/AIDS in Ondo state for the Government of Ondo state
Client: Ondo State AIDS Control Agency

This was a household survey and was conducted in six LGAs in Ondo State comparing finding between affected versus un-affected households. This was funded by Ondo State AIDS Control Agency/ United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 2012

Bonny Island Health insurance scheme feasibility study
Client: Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG)

In other to effectively design an appropriate scheme for the bonny health insurance scheme, we conducted a feasibility study. This assessment comprises of both public and private health facilities assessment, healthcare workers interviews, community assessment and stakeholders engagements.

At the end of the in-depth research and analysis, including the actuarial, a comprehensive community health insurance scheme was designed, which included recommended health financing statistics, estimations and forecast.

Assessment of selected states for partnership for community based health insurance
Client: African Health Markets Equity (AHME)

IHC conduct a rapid assessment aimed at identifying states with potentials for partnership on the AHME CBHIS programme in Nigeria, through a transparent process based on well-articulated criteria. The assessment was conducted in six selected states (Enugu, FCT, Kwara, Lagos, Ogun and Rivers).

Overview: We support government agencies, development partners, and programme to design health programs, models, frameworks, and strategic plans. Below are some of health programming works we have done.

Evaluation of Family Life HIV Education (FLHE) implementation Lagos State AIDS Control Agency

This evaluation examined the extent to which the FLHE curriculum was being implemented in Lagos State.

Review of the ALCO Communication Strategy for the Transport Corridor Abidjan-Lagos Corridor Organization (ALCO)

IHC was engaged by ALCO to review its communication strategy for the HIV project covering the five corridor countries – Nigeria, Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire. IHC conducted research to inform the strategy along the border communities of the 5 countries.

Health Facility Assessments in Christian Aid supported communities in Anambra, Benue, Plateau, Kaduna states and Abuja
Client: Christian Aid UK (CAID)

Under the Strengthening Community Health Systems for the Provision of Improved Quality and Increased Access to Sustainable Health Services in Nigeria Project, 72 facilities in 5 states & FCT were assessed. The assessment tool used was based on the WHO Service Availability and Readiness Assessment (SARA). IHC coordinated the assessments, analysis and reporting of findings

Training on quality maternal and child health services
Clients: National Healthcare Development Agency (NPHCDA)/Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P)

We conducted a quality improvement (QI) training to introduce key quality improvement concepts to healthcare workers in selected SURE-P MCH facilities, drawn from several states.

Training of senior officers of ministry of health in Bayelsa, Akwa-Ibom and Rivers state
Client: Clinton Health Access Initiative

We developed a project management training curriculum and trained senior officials of the Ministry of Health in Bayelsa, Akwa-Ibom and Rivers State

IHC is an approved Safety Training Organization (STO) and a registered safety agent in Lagos State, certified by the Lagos State Safety Commission (LSSC). In collaboration with the safety commission, we conduct school safety audits in the state.

The safety audit is in compliance to state standards and accrediting schools on behalf of the Commission. We have exclusivity for school safety audits in Nigeria with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) and bring this expertise to the State program.

Training on promoting health and safety in the workplace
Client: Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA)

The main aim of this training was to introduce selected NPA staff across the country to work-related issues that may hamper their health or compromise their safety and what they can do to circumvent those issues identified especially during emergencies.

IHC facilitated the workplace health and safety training for NPA staff. The training covered areas such as ergonomics, first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, blood borne pathogens, food safety, transportation safety and recreational safety.

Overview: We offer in-country support services to international development partners. This ranges from logistics support, to workshop coordination and facilitation, products registration and introduction.

Support capacity building for AJWS grantees
Client: American Jewish World Service

IHC supported an in-country short term consultancy to support capacity building for AJWS grantees

Viral Hepatitis Assessment using Public, Private and Tertiary Health Facilities in Lagos and Rivers States
Client: Clinton Health Access Initiative

This assessment was conducted to know the burden of hepatitis B & C testing and treatment in Lagos and Rivers States. It was a facility based assessment and over 19 health facilities mainly tertiary, were assessed in both states.

Laboratory, ANC, and blood bank registers were reviewed to determine the number of hepatitis tests in the last 12 months preceding the assessment. Also, the healthcare providers were interviewed to ascertain challenges encountered in providing hepatitis B & C testing and treatment.

Market Research for the introduction of 7.1% Chlorhexidine Digluconate for Umbilical Cord Care in Nigeria
Client: Programme for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH)

The introduction of chlorhexidine digluconate for umbilical cord care in Nigeria was sequel to the market research IHC conducted in 4 States (Kano, Rivers, Osun, and Nasarawa states) to identify current practices around child birth including cord care and value propositions, to segment the market, and develop recommendations for market entry.

Viral Hepatitis Assessment using Public, Private and Tertiary Health Facilities in Lagos and RiversViral Hepatitis Assessment using Public, Private and Tertiary Health Facilities in Lagos and Rivers States
Client: Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) (2016) States

IHC was contracted by CHAI to conduct an assessment on the burden of Hepatitis B & C testing and treatment in both Lagos and Rivers State. It was a health facility based assessment and over 19 health facilities were assessed in both states.

Rapid Assessment of the Minimum Prevention Package Intervention in Nigeria
Client: Communication for Change (C-Change)/USAID

This assessment was a rapid appraisal of the implementation of the MPPI and the utilization of the Prevention Intervention Tracking Tool (PITT) in Nigeria. The rapid assessment was conducted in 12 States (2 states per region) and FCT. 
This assessment was conducted by IHC team members engaged individually by Communication for Change (C-Change)/USAID in 2013

Research on Advocacy and Communication strategies to increase access to information and education for men and women (aged 15-29 years) in Kwara State
Client: Kwara State Action Committee on AIDS

The research was conducted in all the local governments of Kwara state to:

  • Investigate the pattern of sexual behaviour among this age group;
  • Analyze the behavioural responses of this population towards people living with HIV/AIDS in the State;
  • Make recommendations for appropriate strategies to increase the access to information on HIV/AIDS.

Overview: Out of pocket healthcare expenditures have constituted the majority of household healthcare expenses. To active universal health coverage, it is pertinent for groups, communities and government at all levels to invest in health insurance schemes. Listed below are some of our works on health financing

Target Group Study for State-Wide Health Insurance in Adamawa State
Client: PharmAccess Foundation

To ensure an efficient design of a state-wide health insurance scheme, we conducted a target group study to establish a situation report of the health and socioeconomic status in the area and also from the people’s perspective.

This study comprised of community survey, health facility assessment and stakeholders interviews. Detailed analysis of the data gathered informed part of the decisions in the holistic state-wide scheme design.

Creation of projection model for Ibani-Se HIV/AIDS initiative Client: Management Strategies of Africa

We reviewed available data and proposed a viable projection model reflecting: disease pattern; type of services required; number and category of people to be reached (by sex, age, type of service etc.) number, type and distribution of service delivery outlets; number and category of health providers required; etc; and recommended strategies to increase project coverage.

Overview: To ensure quality healthcare service delivery, there is need to strengthen the health system; from the facilities to the healthcare workers. We assess healthcare facilities, support quality improvement and assurance, and the capacity of the healthcare workers. Some of the consultancies we have carried out are listed below.

Lagos State Human Resource for Health (HRH) Assessment
Client: Health Systems (PATHS2)/DFID (2010)

This project involved an in-depth assessment of over 200 health facilities (including private health facilities) in Lagos State to determine the health workforce information and other service availability including stock, distribution, production/supply, attrition, human resources management systems (HRM). IHC team members were contracted individually by Partnership for Transforming Health Systems (PATHS2) in 2010

Audiometry training programme
Client: Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA)

The main aim of this training was to educate the NPA staff on workplace audiometry and also the use of an audiometer. This training covered established rules and regulations, anatomy and also looked at the most recent research which has a bearing on workplace audiometry screening programmes.

The training sessions included; otoscopy, noise management, types and selection of ear protective devices, hearing conservation programme, and fitting, usage, care and maintenance of ear protective.

Co-facilitation and logistics support for the Global Food Security Strategy (GFSS) workshop in Nigeria - Lagos, Kaduna and Abuja
Client: FHI 360

We provided logistics support, invitation and coordination of participants, and co-facilitated the global food security strategy workshop conducted in Lagos, Abuja and Kano.

Coordination and logistics support for learning workshop in Abuja, Nigeria to assist Chlorhexidine for Umbilical Cord Care (CHX) Introduction and Scale in Francophone West Africa)
Client: Programme for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH)

IHC coordinated the logistics of the chlorhexidine for umbilical cord care workshop conducted in Nigeria that had participants and representatives from over 9 Francophone African countries. The support included logistics arrangements, and language translation.

Coordination and facilitation of screening exercise for the introduction of Subdepo provera
Client: Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) through GRID Consulting

IHC supported through;

  • Provided logistic support for the Screening Exercise for the Introduction of SubQDepo Provera;
  • Facilitated meetings with key reproductive health stakeholders including government officials, private organizations and academia.
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