Healthcare Quality Improvement

Explore the foundations of healthcare quality and the various approaches to quality improvement. Discover powerful tools to add to your Quality Improvement toolkit.

Duration: Self-paced 

Price: NGN7,960


Or enroll as separate courses

Principles of Quality & Quality Improvement

Understand the concepts of quality and the various approaches to quality improvement.

Duration: Self-paced 

Price: NGN2,080

Quality Improvement Methodologies​

Understand the various quality improvement methodologies and approaches, such as PDSA, six sigma, fishbone charts, e.t.c. 

Duration: Self-paced 

Price: NGN2,600

Leadership Development

Understand the basic concepts of leadership and the essential skills for quality improvement leadership.

Duration: Self-paced | CPD Points: 4

Price: NGN2,600

Teamwork & Quality

Understand the essential building blocks for effective teams and the stages of team development.

Duration: Self-paced | CPD Points: 2

Price: NGN1,560

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