Healthcare Quality Improvement

Explore the foundations of healthcare quality and the various approaches to quality improvement. Discover powerful tools to add to your Quality Improvement toolkit.

About this course

Quality improvement is a proven, effective method of improving patient care and healthcare staff practice. Many people agree that quality is essential in healthcare, but what exactly is it? How should we define it? How do we quantify it? And, most importantly, how can we improve it?

There are always opportunities to optimize, streamline, develop, and test processes in the healthcare system. This course provides an overview of fundamental principles of healthcare quality improvement, the most commonly used quality concepts and methodologies, and how and when to apply them.

This course equips healthcare practitioners and others with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead quality improvement initiatives at micro and macro levels.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the concepts of quality and quality improvement.
  • Understand a variety of approaches to quality improvement, but also some key principles common to all.
  • Understand that organizations need to build quality improvement skills and capability across all levels of staff.
  • Recognize and apply basic quality principles to health care delivery.
This course includes:

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