For more than sixteen years, InSiGHt has provided professional consulting services to international development partners, non-governmental organizations, corporate organizations, civil society organizations, and government agencies in Nigeria. We treat our clients as partners, and we genuinely care about the success of your projects.

InSiGHt Research

We support health programmes to achieve desired impacts and health outcomes through health population research, analysis and evaluation. To achieve this, we offer services on:

InSiGHt Projects (Health service strengthening)

At InSiGHt, we provide services geared at improving the quality of healthcare deliveries. We work with our clients to strengthen health service delivery by initiating activities around the core HSS functions to improve access, quality, and utilization of services and develop effective approaches.

Services include:

InSiGHt Projects (Strategic Purchasing for Health)

We work with our clients to develop innovative strategies for health programmes while adopting current approaches.

We work in areas such as:

InSiGHt Projects (Project Management)

InSiGHt Clinical Research

We support with the identification and selection of sites to fit specific protocol and procedure. We also have extensive SOPs and experienced clinical research associates to ensure compliance with domestic and international regulations.

InSiGHt Health & Safety

We provide tailored and internationally accredited health and safety training and certification services. 

InSiGHt Logistics

We make business easy for you by handling your product regulation compliances and providing provide in-country logistics and planning support.

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